Delta Joe Sanders

Delta Joe Sanders grew up on Glover Plantation in Desoto County, Mississippi. His father ran the 10,000 acre plantation where the family lived and at an early age, Joe developed a kinship with the help, who also lived on the plantation. His lyrics, often deceptively simple, range from humourous anecdotes of love-gone-wrong to insightful reflections of the struggle to survive in a fast pace world far removed from the earthiness of the Mississippi Delta. Joe describes his songwriting this way: “A song starts working on me, sort of how pearls are made. They just start agitating. . . ”
“Joe Sander’s heart is shaped like Mississippi. Through it runs a Big Blue River spawning tributaries and capillaries like snakes, gentle but dangerous – above which hands kudzu, wisteria and other strange vegetation unnameable except by some half-mad, half-genius horticulturist. His tunes are rare Delta Thundersong birds (endangered and exotic) rising from the mud Byhalian and Greenwooded, strong meat for most of us who lift our beaks for the plastic manna in squared cellophane. Some of his brilliance pops up unnoticed – queer mushrooms grafted amongst our quotidian grapes, teaching our souls to say “more” while our understanding reels backward. Joe offers no gratuitous sanctuary. Listening, one must braid one’s own thread into rope and knead one’s own bread into baked buckets – then dip into th eliving water of Joe’s Big Blue River. Grace and Peace – John Kilzer