Festival FAQ

First time attending…?

If you have never been to our event before, here are a few of the commonly asked Q/A’s to help you get familiar with the general atmosphere what to expect at our event. The rest of this page also provides some pretty useful information for first timers and regular wingnuts alike…

Do you need to know a team to have a good time?
We’re just one bit ol’ Meat and Greet so absolutely not! The mix of teams usually includes many returning participants, about 20% who are first timers that have never participated before, and then we even some who have come in from out of town just to participate. So whether you know someone on a team or you just share a common love of grilling, hot wings, and great music — that is all you need to have a GREAT time.  Mingling and getting to know some of the teams, their wings, sauces, and flavors is all part of the experience here at the World Championship Hot Wing Contest and Festival: We warmly invite you to be a part of it!

I can sample wings from the teams right?
Why of course.  It Just wouldn’t be a hot wing festival if you couldn’t do that! Participating teams will be providing samples of some of their various hot wing styles and flavors throughout the day to all admitted ticket holding patrons.  You don’t have to be “in the know”, know anybody, have some special pass, or belong to an exclusive club here…All you need do is walk up and politely ask! * Please note that hot wing samples are provided by all participating hot wing teams in exchange for a small donation to the Ronald McDonald House.

What’s the cost of a wing? What do I get?
Teams are not allowed to charge for wings, however, they will kindly ask for a small donation $1-$2 for the Ronald McDonald House in exchange for a sampling of their hot wings. This will usually net you 2-3 wings depending on the team and availability of wings at the particular booth. If you fall in love with them drop in another donation and get yourself some more!  Teamsabsolutely do not get to keep ANY of the money which they raise during the event and all those donations raised during the day are directly donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities at the conclusion of the event.

Are the wings worth the small donation of $1- $2 ?
Your contribution of a few dollars really adds up. Please don’t look at it as you are “paying” for a hot wing, but instead transparently making a donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a home away from home for families, while their children undergo treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  To date our teams alone have helped raise * in donations for this cause. Teams are generally only asking for $1-2 donation —  at a minimum — to try some of their wings and 100% of what they raise is going directly to a good cause.

Are there multiple flavors / types of wings?
Absolutely and they are all over the board. Everything from hot and spicy to tangy and seasoned, these teams, collectively, have left nary a spice behind in the cabinet in their secretive efforts to devise the winning recipe to vault them into Hall of Flame infamy.

How bad are the lines / wait …
Generally tolerable even for the most impatient among us! This will, however, ultimately vary depending on each individual team, their team size and capacity, their supply of ready wings at the time, the crowd demand for them at the moment, and the time of day. Pro Tip: Get to the bigger teams early on in the day. Things tend to peak / get heavy around mid-day/afternoon so you should expect some higher waiting times for some of these teams. There will be plenty of teams so spend your time spreading your wings at as many as you can.

Are there other options besides wings?
Something for everybody. There will be other vendors during the event serving a variety of your favorite festival fares, foods, and beverages. We got something for you even if wings aren’t exactly your thing! Vendor prices are specific to each vendor.

Bringing little ones…?

Is adult supervision provided?
No, We encourage all parents to supervise their children at all times while on festival grounds. Please do not leave your child unattended at any point during the event.