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The city of Memphis will feel the heat once again this Summer as the Annual World Championship Hot Wing Contest & Festival (WCHWF) fills Memphis with the tantalizing, alluring aroma of the infamous hot wing.

For the Annual World Championship Hot Wing Contest & Festival (WCHWF) there will be approximately 100 team spaces which will be guaranteed on a first-come-first-served basis. Extensions or announcements for additional space may be allowed at the discretion of management, but cannot be guaranteed.


Team Application

Booth Space Information
10×10 $250
10×20 $450 (Add Private Port-o-let +$100.00)
10×30 $650 (Add Private Port-o-let +$100.00)
10×40 $850 (Add Private Port-o-let +$100.00)
The fee to participate in the contest depends on the amount of booth space that you request for your team (see pricing above). This is required per team and must be paid in full by the entry deadline of August 9, 2021.


Vendor Application

We are committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality, locally produced products available. In our selection process we will seek to provide some exclusivity to our vendors so there will not be multiple vendors with similar offerings.
The fee to participate in the contest depends on the amount of booth space that you request for your team (see pricing above). This is required per team and must be paid in full by the entry deadline of August 9, 2021.

Become a sponsor

As a World Championship Hot Wing Contest & Festival partner, you gain exposure to thousands of consumers, while helping to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Memphis. To date this nonprofit event has raised over $295,000 in financial support for this worthy organization. This signature fundraiser event features great music, known for its blues, soul and rock & roll targeting a diverse array of Memphis and regional natives with an unquenchable hunger for fun, entertainment, and outdoor entertainment.

Sponsorship opportunities include: presenting, support sponsorship, product exclusivity, media partnerships, web and brochure advertising, and more. We invite you and your company to join some of our many previous and current sponsors in helping to keep giving this Memphis tradition its wings….

We wish to thank these premium sponsors who have provided generous support for helping us to host this fun and entertaining annual event. The event organizers are grateful and appreciative for the ongoing support of all of our fine event sponsors who help make this event possible each year!


Earn your wings: Volunteer!
There is a job for every interest at the Festival.  We are looking for a motivated crew of volunteers to come out and help us put on this annual hot wing festival.  If this sounds like you … we want you!

Minimum Requirements
Volunteers under the age of 18 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT (No Exceptions).

All festival Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one 4.5 – 5 hour.  You may choose to work multiple shifts or the entire event, if so desired, but all volunteers shall be required to fulfill at least one shift.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Free access into the festival.
  • An exclusive cotton t-shirt.
  • Snacks + access to the Volunteer Lounge.
  • An amazing networking opportunity
  • A fun and rewarding experience
  • Build your resume

You are an early bird that cant wait to get a jump on the day and, even though its the weekend, you’re ready to get out and seize the day. So logically the very first thing that you think to yourself is how much you want to come down and help your good friends at hot wing festival move their stuff around and get setup.  During this time you will be moving / standing / and lifting to various degrees, so you can go ahead and cross off the gym for today since you will surely get enough exercise during this morning wingfest workout from about 8-10am

Breakdown / Teardown / Strike
You are a mover and a shaker who doesn’t like to be sitting around in one place for too long, but unlike the early to rise go-get-em setup folks, you are unfamilar with the concept of “morning” on the weekends or are just not much of a morning person.  Still you’re a pretty cool person and ok with putting off your late night plans for a little bit to help your good pals down here at Wing fest pack up and move all of their stuff … well most of it… and do a little bit of light cleanup.

Kids Corner
You are still a big kid at heart and love being around the laughter, the smiles and the occasional tears of little children.  Supervision of children is the responsibility of the parent(s) not yours.  You are just there to say, for example, keep them from running with scissors.  There wont be any scissors.  Children are not to be left unaccompanied by their parents at any time during the event.  If you suspect this please contact one of the event staff or security personnel for assistance in locating their parents. Festival staff will be subject to a background check to work with kids.

If you know your way around Memphis, where to have a good time, whats going on when and where and can help out tourists and visitors from out of town, come volunteer with us!  You will also be one of the faces of our festival and providing assistance to our patrons, as needed, with any questions that they may have about where things are (e.g. Bathrooms), when things are supposed to take place (schedules), and where to get assistance (e.g. first aid, lost and found etc).

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