Cooking Team FAQ

Cooking Team FAQ

Can teams use fryers or is it grill only?
Yes fryers are allowed provided that all cooking oils are stored or disposed of properly at the conclusion of the event.

Can our wings be brined or marinated ahead of time?
In accordance to contest regulation #1, wings may not be brined, marinated or prepped in any way prior to inspection the day of the event.

Any and all such prep must be done during the event and prior to judging turn-in (usually around ~ 5PM). Check the schedule of events for official turn-in time(s). Once your team loads in, gets settled, and passes preliminary inspection by event staff and/or judges you will be free to begin any prep work for your competitive wing entry batch. You will have several hours from load in to turn in to work your wing magic. We wish you all the luck.

Do team members get into the event for free?
Each team will receive SIX (6) Event Passes which will allow up to SIX team members to enter the event for free. Additional team members will have to acquire their own admission tickets either in advance or at the gate in order to participate.

What is provided to teams by Southern Hot Wing Festival?
Southern Hot Wing Festival only provides the regulation cooking space and (if applicable) a private port-o-let.

Teams are required to bring with them all items, chairs, tents, tables, furniture, and necessary cooking apparatus which they may need/require while participating at our event. And remember … “all you really need is a grill” – Henry Hot Wing.

How many wings are the teams required to cook?
Teams generally cook about 80lbs of wings for public sampling so we ask each team to bring about ~80LBS of wings for cooking during the event.

If you happen to run out of wings during the course of the event, we will have limited additional wings on reserve which can be provided to your team as needed should you run out of your initial batcg. Event staff and volunteers will be able to assist you as needed should such a catastrophic depletion of hot wings occur.

KCBS Judging Requirements:
For the KCBS competition and wing judging, your team will only need to provide only 7 (seven) single wings in an approved judging container which will be provided to you during the event.

Can we get a port-o-let for our 10×10 space?
Unfortunately, the option for a private port-o-let is only available for booth sizes of 10×20 and higher due to space requirements and health department codes which prohibit such facilities in the vicinity of any cooking area’s which vend or serve to the general public.

Please kindly do not contact us requesting special arrangements for your team’s 10×10 as we will not be able to assist you.

How many people can be on a team?
There is no explicitly set limit on the number of folks that you can have on your wing team.

Are there any limits or restrictions on t-shirt designs etc?
Some of our teams put a lot of effort into creating some pretty clever and creative t-shirts for their team, and while we place no limits on your team’s creativity, aside from common sense judgement, we do ask (per contest regulation / Team Rule #36) that you refrain from incorporating, wearing, or prominently displaying any reserved terms such as “Staff” or “Security” as these are explicitly reserved for our various production team, volunteers and/or third party contractors.

Where can I / we pay our application fees?
You may pay your application fee’s either online or by check (through mail). You will be presented with online payment options at the end of your application.

We will automatically send out e-mail reminders on the first of each month to all teams that have not yet paid their application fees. This e-mail will contain a link that will allow you to pay online should you have originally opted to pay by mail but later changed your mind.

All teams must satisfy the application fee requirement in order for their application to participate in our competition to become valid.

How do we pick our spot?
Booth spaces for both teams and vendors are typically assigned at the discretion of the event organizers and/or the team/vendor coordinator(s). We may consider special requests for a particular spot but make no guarantees for special accommodation of any team or vendor’s specific request.

I am having trouble submitting my application…?
If you are experiencing any issues submitting your application, please contact us for assistance.