Wing Eating Contest

Wing Eating Contest

So you think you can eat hot wings?  Here’s your chance to be the reigning champion of the MOST POPULAR World Championship hot wing eating contest!

This year, teams will have first ‘dibs’ at the 15 ‘hot seats’ up for grabs. Entry fee is 5 seats at $50 entry, which includes 4 FREE entry passes to the festival. A total of 20 competitors will munch their way to a wing off for the $100 grand prize.

Entry is limited to 15 spots for a team member representation and 5 spots for outside entries.

There will be NO REGISTRATION THE DAY OF THE CONTEST, registrants must use the online form below.

Please review the contestant rules below before registration.

• Must be 18 to compete
• Entry is limited to first 20 contestants
• Heats will be determined by lottery system
• Contestants must not touch the wings before start of competition
• Wings must be 90% eaten as determined by officials; otherwise will be returned to plate, where you will be able to finish said wing or not, resulting in your ultimate score. The flap may be disregarded.
• Contestants will have 3 minutes in first heat to eat as many wings as they can; you will be judged by weight of meat eaten during competitive heat.
• Subsequent final will be a 5 minute heat with all above conditions applying.
• Visual signs of sickness will result in disqualification.
• Winner of each heat will advance, with one “Wild Card” entry determined by weight of wings eaten.
• No condiments or other sides will be offered or accepted during competition.
• Examples of “properly eaten wings” will be displayed at the cooks’/wing-eaters contest meeting the week before the competition.
• Contestants may either sit or stand as long as they remain in their designated area
• The use of utensils is not allowed.
• The contest is over when time expires; you have 10 seconds to either swallow the food or spit it back on the plate. Otherwise you will be disqualified.
• Judges will be on hand to assure the adherence to contest rules; weigh the total amount of meat that has been eaten; and to disqualify contestants that refused to adhere to the rules
• Rules are subject to change as directed by the chairman of the contest and the head judge; all changed rules will be gone over in advance of the contest

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